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Kate Gosselin gets humiliated by her twins in most cringe-worthy TODAY show interview EVER!!

Kate Gosselin scolds twins during Today show interview for not talking: "Spit it out!"

Gosselin girls go silent on whether they're doing OK, let mom Kate do the talking.

Kate Gosselin's children were 'emotionally intimidated' on 'Today.'

Jon Gosselin: Kate put our kids in 'horrible' situation

Kate Gosselin twins HUMILIATE her on live TV

Parent or puppeteer? Kate Gosselin does most of the talking for twin teens in uncomfortable 'TODAY' interview.



About the book, released in September of 2012 for less than two days ...

"It's damaged her reputation," said Gosselin's lawyer A. Jordan Rushie.

"She has as much right to this being kept private as anyone," Gosselin's attorney, Marc Randazza, told ABC News.



The Re-Release of KATE GOSSELIN: HOW SHE FOOLED THE WORLD will be loaded with new information including how Kate feels about returning home to her eight children after being away on 'business.'

- While she is away, Kate tells the babysitter that her job "is to be as stern as possible!!!! Seriously!”

- After returning from a trip with Steve Neild, the babysitter says to Kate that she hopes it hasn’t been too painful being back home to which Kate responds “It’s TERRIBLE being home” She goes on to tell the sitter that she’s never felt like crying before when she returned home from somewhere - But, she does now!!!!

- When Kate returns home, the first order of business is to check with the babysitter to see who gets spankings and how many. On her list of instructions to the babysitter she says that if the kids are not obedient, she should tell them that mommy will spank them when she gets home. She also tells the sitter to keep track of spankings.



- For the poor fans out there who bring Kate gifts when she makes appearances or to her book signings - just like the gifts that you’ve left at her front gate thinking that she will read your notes and treasure your trinkets - don’t hold your breath. They get thrown directly into the trash, by someone else. Kate only ever sees the ‘good stuff’. Most everything is thrown directly into the trash by her handler, Steve Neild.

- After a book signing, Kate asked Steve if there was ‘any good stuff in that fan junk?’ To which Steve replied - No nothing exciting I am afraid - a few nice cards and letters. Some socks for the girls and some cars for the boys but nothing you would want to keep.

Kate had asked Steve about the “bags he had carted away" from a signing. She asked if he found anything interesting and told him that it “better be REALLY good to bring it back to her.” She told him to make a dumpster visit after HE had fun reading EVERYTHING! After hearing about the contents of the fan ‘Junk” Kate told Steve that she would pass on it all and joked to him that she hoped he had fun reading all the cards and letters as he thanked them while shredding them and throwing them in the trash!!!!! She ended that thought with a big smiley face.

Sorry fans. Gift cards or cash only.


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Actor Eric Roberts calls Kate Gosselin a child abuser

Kate Gosselin "dragged one of the boys into the bathroom and spanked him five or six times with a large mixing spoon.You could hear Kate forcefully whacking the child"



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Saying "I don't see color" is number one on list of Common Racist Attitudes and Behaviors


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Kate Gosselin is a racist, mocks Asians in Twitter photo

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Says 'Slanted' eye photo is a 'happy memory'

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Kate Gosselin using Boston bombing tragedy to gain attention

Child advocate Paul Peterson says Kate Gosselin's Kids paid ZERO for their work

Cameras in the bathroom? In the bedroom? Children dressing for national broadcast? There's a problem needed addressing

Kate Gosselin posts photos of her children in bed and in bathing suits ... in 2013!

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Kate Gosselin back to Twitter, resumes whining about having to work and clean

THE BIG LIE: Kate Gosselin on Divorce: 'Jon Left Me No Choice'

"I was abused...I was beaten down...I'm not going back to that lifestyle."

Jon slams Kate - whome he says ended their marriage - for spinning a different story to the media about the collapse of their marriage.

Kate divorced me because I stood up to her

WATCH an absolutely mind-numbing 'cooking' demonstration from someone with no idea how to cook. OMGLOL

WATCH Kate Gosselin say how much her children want to be at home with her instead of staying with their father


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Kate Gosselin's cruise sinks due to poor ticket sales

Kate Gosselin's cruise event sinks like the Titanic

SHOCKER: "We didn't get the turnout we desired"

Kate Gosselin supporters accuse 'bullies' of drug charges, death threats, and libel!

Paid 'friend' sick of Kate Gosselin's dramatics

Kate Gosselin refuses to give daughter water

Gosselin kids not allowed to spill one grain of sugar during cookie baking. What fun.

Kate Gosselin fired from CouponCabin blogging job

Her abrasive personality and expensive demands led to her being fired from blogger job.

Kate thought that because she was a celebrity she could do or write whatever she wanted...

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Kate Gosselin's parenting slammed after son crawls under van

Kate Gosselin owes marriage counselor $10,476

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Kate Gosselin has no motivation

Why so much Kate-hate for Gosselin?

I HATE Kate Gosselin!!!!!!!

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Former Kate Gosselin staffer says she hits her kids hard w/a plastic spoon

Caught hitting her daughter


Kate Gosselin one of "rare few" who "De-Age"

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Kate Gosselin faked Christmas to film kids reaction

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ame W

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Tony Dovolani slams the experience of being teamed up with Kate Gosselin on DWTS

Tony Dovolani: I "Haven't Stayed In Touch With Kate Gosselin


"It's damaged her reputation," said Gosselin's lawyer A. Jordan Rushie.


Victims of Lance Armstrong's strong-arm tactics feel relief and vindication in the wake of U.S. Anti-Doping AGency report

Armstrong has been trying to destroy me for 10 years

Armstrong is a perpetual liar who destroyed people

Lance 'Ruined People's Lives' if they accused him of doping

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